Selenium Course

Java Introduction

Loops, Arrays and Functions

Object Oriented Programming

Packages, Access Modifiers/ Exception Handling

Collection API/Reflection API

String, File Handling, Log4j, /Handling XLS files

Junit 4 Framework / ANT

TestNg Framework / ANT

Selenium IDE

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium 2.0 Features

Junit and Data Driven Framework

Junit and Hybrid Framework

TestNg and Data Driven Framework

TestNg and Hybrid  Framework

Introduction to selenium RC

Selenium RC Features

Selenium RC Pop Up and Tab handling

Selenium RC WebTables

Selenium RC - Data Driven Framework

DataDriven Framework with Junit and Selenium RC

Flash Testing with Selenium RC

Flash Testing with Selenium WebDriver

Subversion (SVN)

Apache Maven

Java DataBase Connectivity JDBC

DataBase Testing of Sample Web CRM Application

Selenium Grid 2

Applet Testing with Selenium

Working with ChromeDriver

IE Driver (for Internet Explorer)

Page Object Model (POM)

Page Object Model (POM) With Page Factory